Why you’re suddenly hearing so much about EPK’s

Tisha Hammond
4 min readMay 14, 2022

Show off your a$$ets to the music industry whether you have a signed deal or not.

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So, you think you can sing…better yet, you know YOU CAN SANG. If you catch my drift, keep reading to learn how to accelerate your music career, grow your fan base, sell out faster and more often, and share your music with a larger audience by using an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

If a career coach ever dissuaded you from pursuing a career in music, please forgive them. They know not what they do. You certainly can and should dwell in the opportunities that your vocals and tunes can bless this world with. What the world needs now is love…and if you show love best by singing, composing, and producing melodies for the masses, well set it off, then.

Starving artists need to know this:

Even before you ink a record deal or create your own indie label, you need PR. That’s right. I tell you this up front because I care about your career. So, just like you have a formula for spending all of that tour money that you intend to rake in, just set some aside to bring in a Press Relations team early in your career. The experts can create press materials and generate publicity that helps you show up out front and in the news. Here’s the easiest way to put it:

You need an EPK - like yesterday. It is the equivalent of your resume and cover letter in a neat digital package.

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The media, agents, labels, venues, and others want to understand the essentials about you as a music artist. You, in turn, want your voice and tunes heard; you want to book a gig as often as possible and you want to network your way around the industry. Your EPK is the most professional expression of your musical story.

You can imagine that news desks receive hundreds (maybe thousands) of media alerts and pitches every day. Well, so do music industry professionals. They are scanning countless EPKs of individuals and groups who want to be the next big hit. So, what will you do to stand out from the crowd and show up in…

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