Tisha Hammond
3 min readMay 24, 2021


They say technology is surpassing human interactions…Yikes!

There’s hope and fortunately, there’s still time. The solution is to reconnect. To help you do that, I offer you a weekly triple dare.

This week, I triple dare you to:

1. Calendar June’s social media content this week;
2. Mark your calendar with new opportunities; for example
3. Be a friend. Make a friend. Sign a deal.

Outsource some of your needs so you can get back to doing what you love.
Like we did here.

People want to know about your personal, professional and business brands. Here’s how to optimize media to your advantage. Notice #5.

five must-haves for attracting media attention infograph

Exercise your Capacity muscle

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Add some sunshine and Pep to someone’s day & add a regular dose to yours.

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The LIVE comments were on fire.



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