Spray and Pray

Tisha Hammond
2 min readJul 5, 2021

…or a better way to assault your goal list

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Modern-day Entrepreneurs are busy creating #visionboards, #dream boards, #checklists, and any other forms of motivational visuals meant to propel us toward our anticipated outcomes. Even me, on some days. I wonder how often we spend time assaulting our goal list by peppering it with just about any good-sounding outcome for our home, closet, bank account, or travel wish list. I call this approached the “Spray and Pray” method and I do not recommend it.

Like an automatic weapon, some of us incoherently, erratically, and emotionally spew (spray) ideas onto paper, or digital memo apps and then pray that we can stick to making one or more of them happen. It seems that humans instinctively know to create goals and usually desirable outcomes versus “failures.”

Here’s where we can all play on the same team.

Might I offer these coaching points:

$ Pray about the expected end so the goal is near & dear to you;

$ Create a short, simple list of very specific actions that you can carry out; and

$ Set goals that are compatible with who you are to avoid a character conflict.

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