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Elam B. King

Thor, The God of Thunder, has nothing on Elam B. King. This Hackensack, NJ, native is on a mission “to ensure mankind collides with purpose,” and boy-o-boy, now he is unleashing a storm of accountability and personal development in his newest book, Memoirs From A Father to His Son. Truth is, Elam has created the blueprint, a for-real manual “carefully crafted for young men, by real men.”

Understanding A Man: Memoirs From A Father to His Son by Elam B. King

Elam, whose Hebrew translation means ‘forever’ has given readers straight-forward, tell-it-like-you-mean-it insights into understanding a man, a father, and a son. You can imagine his conversations with 24 men of various backgrounds and educational levels…some having had experienced one form of imprisonment or another, those who were without fathers, and those who knew him but had no relationship with him.


You can experience those conversations for yourself and learn their truths too.

So, what truths will you learn from this manual?

  • Everything you need to know about money, sex, and respect
  • Exposing life’s blind spots — helping you miss the pitfalls
  • Everything you need to know about being a real man
  • Why setting goals is the first step to wealth and living the life you want
  • How to handle conflict when you feel dis-respected or disregarded
  • How building the right inner circle will help you to get to your next level as a young man
  • Is it money, purpose, or both?
  • How can a young man effectively maximize his Mind, Body, and Soul?

24 Men

14 Questions

1 Common Goal

You didn’t come this far to only come this far
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In my observation, the writings of Elam B. King have a recurring theme and that is…

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