Get some of this almighty P.E.S.O.

Tisha Hammond
4 min readMay 28, 2022

“Currency isn’t always green.” ~ Tisha Hammond * and you can quote me on that.

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Hey Headliners,

I betcha knew that the peso was widely accepted as legal tender in the United Mexican States…aaaaannnndddd these United Stated…and some Asian territories, once upon a time.

That’s not the peso we’re talking about today, though.

Today’s global currency isn’t always silver or green. It “doesn’t jiggle jiggle” or fold.

Trending Tacks YouTube screenshot that reads my money doesn’t jiggle, jiggle, it folds

If you missed the last article, you missed a pretty cool segue:

Cheers to Jeffrey L . Edwards, and his new album, JLE WORLD. #clientlove

Ma/am, sir,

lemme introduce you to the almighty P.E.S.O.

You see, I believe in having money and media on-staff. Here’s how to get both on your squad too.

Getting Passed Over for Opportunities Repeatedly is keeping your POOR. Prove me wrong.

Borrow my mantra, ‘Demonstrate RICHness Daily,’ instead. For the full description about my team’s core value about being RICH, we can take that offline in a one-to-one convo. For now, get some RICHness with the quickness by manifesting your media presence with these PESOs.

You want to be a speaker, make more money than your Boss can pay you now, see your name in lights, and get that time freedom that successful entrepreneurs & CEOs have, huh? You’re not alone. That’s GOALS and there’s one overarching thing that what makes it possible: Communications.

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In my world of mass communications, currency isn’t always green. It’s news, it’s fast, it’s trending, and it comes with the cost of your voice…

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