Dismantling Dilemmas — MEN & Their Masks

Tisha Hammond
3 min readJun 14, 2022

Dr. Eddie Connor unmasks masculinity…and holds nothing back

Women, there’s plenty in it for you too…keep reading, Sis.


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Some of us associate the month of June with cheers of jubilee for those who have survived cancer, along with sharing inspiration for those diagnosed with cancer. Enough of us readers understand the association of the month of June, and Juneteenth, in particular, with the gift of liberation. More of us likely associate the month of June with the gift of love, by way of celebrating our Fathers. Today’s spotlight Author covers it all…and knows it all too well.

If someone hasn’t done it already,

today, June 14, 2022, is hereby declared as

The Day ‘The Mask of Masculinity’ Comes Off

Literally, we are cheering for the release of a book bound for the Best Sellers list. We’ve fact-checked this for you and according to Dr. Eddie Connor, he’s got the answers to some time-tested questions.

What does it mean to be a man? How do we define manhood and masculinity? These are just some of the questions that Dr. Eddie Connor always wondered about from boyhood to manhood.

Faced with the dilemma of growing up without his father and being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, he journeyed on a path from heartbreak to healing and bitterness to forgiveness. Through self-development and emotional healing, he transformed his trauma into a testimony.

In The Mask of Masculinity, Dr. Eddie empowers and equips you with transparent truths by showing you how to find freedom from trauma, develop your emotional intelligence and mental well-being, communicate more effectively, redefine masculinity, and discover victory spiritually.

Masculinity has always been a mask because it causes us to hide what we must heal from inside. Each chapter will empower you to find freedom from psychological pain and emotional incarceration.

Source: eddieconnor.com

Today, Dr. Eddie Connor, Bestselling Author, College Professor, International Speaker, Radio/TV Correspondent, and Founder of “Boys 2 Books,” releases his newest book -

The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Reclaim their Identity, Lead, and Love with Vulnerability”

And let me just give you a foretaste… you’ll want to order your copy To-Day because we all want to know the mind of a man…and Lord, does Dr. Eddie put that on full display.

The chapter titles alone will send you straight to the checkout cart:

  1. KING
  2. Genesis of a Gentleman
  3. Marriage-Minded Man
  4. Focus on Your Focus
  5. Superhero Syndrome
  6. Man in the Mirror
  7. Tales of the Toxic Male
  8. My Brother’s Keeper
  9. Vision for Victory
  10. DeMaskUs

With print copies, eBooks, and audio books available, we can set off to share the message that the men in our lives are important to us, that they can reclaim their identity, that we appreciate their leadership, and that we will not judge their moments of vulnerability.

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